Promoting Peace, Love, and Persistence


Promoting Peace, Love, and Persistence

P.J. Outside Sensoji, Tokyo's Oldest Buddhist Temple

Why Peace, Love, and Persistence?


Because I Love Love and believe strongly in healthy and happy relationships, PLUS . . . these are the primary characteristics necessary for leading successful and fulfilling lives, which . . . I sincerely want for everyone.

My name is P.J., and I Actively Promote Peace, Love, and Persistence in both my everyday life and in the work I do.

My presentations, workshops, and everyday interactions are influenced by my deep belief in individual freedoms, kindness, equality, and the value of a worthwhile struggle.

If you agree and want more of these in your life—and your loved one's lives—join me, and together we will discover, define, and share what's really important; improve self-image; strengthen relationships; and reshape the world with loving kindness.


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Wisdom for Life

Wisdom for Life

Presentations and Workshops



Our world—and families—are filled with struggle and strife, seemingly every day.

How can we help?

How do we manifest peace in our ever-changing environments from the chaos of everyday life? 

Without question; courage, compassion, language, recognition of certain truths, and honoring the deeper integrity within ourselves, families, organizations, and countries are all key to overcoming any obstacles set before us.

Whether seeking to inspire global change—or—discover an inner sanctuary of peace and solitude for a few minutes a day, these presentations and workshops will help you meet your goals and, consequently, . . .

. . . change the world.

One Person Can—and Often Does—Make a Difference. 

Please, . . . Be That Person!



Aaaaahhhhhh, the rich, juicy, deliciousness of this word, Love, and ALL the possible images it conjures:

  • the undeniable impact it has on our breathing and heart rates,
  • the understanding and acceptance of the world we take in,
  • the unparalleled generosity it bestows, and
  • the often overwhelming emotions it influences.

I would say Love is—divine inspiration at its finest.

Why wouldn’t everyone want this for themselves, their families and friends, even complete strangers?

Learn how Love can be discovered, defined, and shared.

What is it, really?  Why does it—scientifically and spiritually—exist?  What are some ways of acquiring, maintaining, and re-acquiring it; and how does it influence all of us, . . . and everyone around us? 

Love is important; let’s learn to use it as it’s intended.

Love Holds the Power to Heal the World!



Quitting should never be an option, especially if you’re a parent, child, cousin, sibling, or friend—because when you quit, you both consciously and unconsciously give others the authority, or right, to do the same.

Like it or not, our individual persistence, or unwillingness to quit—despite ongoing struggles and adversity—empowers everyone within our midst and, consequently, . . . enriches our lives too.

Whereas perseverance and persistence have virtually the same meaning in the dictionary, there remains a clear distinction—and that distinction is one, primarily, of action.

Persevering is the power and value of enduring, while persistence . . . is the expression of power as one drives and strives towards a mission, intent, or goal.

Learn how to find and enact these powers for the benefit of one’s self and all others you come in contact with; individual, familial, philial, and global happiness depend on the unstoppable force within you!

Time to Put on that Super Hero Cape!

Healthy Relationships


Virtually everyone seeks love, in various forms; one of the most common, of course, is romantic love.  Healthy relationships are a crucial component of both individual and global peace and are founded on the principles of unification, not separation.

Learn to recognize and voice your wants and needs, override defensive behaviors and willingly replace them with sincere efforts to connect with others, . . . especially the people you care the most about, and learn how to profoundly influence those around you to positively impact your world.

Doing something for one’s self, can be . . . the single-most important step in doing for others.  Come and learn the specific importance you hold in any relationship and, more importantly, learn how to utilize and share that power with others to improve all of your relationships.

Healthy Relationships are the Pinnacle of Peace, Love, and Persistence.


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Kind Words

Kind Words