The "Get to" vs. "Got to" Principle


The concept of making it "To the Top" is very personal and intimate to us, as people, and can really only be defined by our dreams and/or aspirations towards our own particular top.  And every accomplishment – whether large or small – marks another victory on that climb towards "success."

The “Get to” vs. “Got to” Principle

Success is measured by the obstacles we’ve overcome, and one of the biggest adversaries and obstacles on our path "to the top" is simply getting started; so the essence of this "get to” vs. “got to" principle addresses that exact issue:  getting started

Human beings, naturally, want to succeed and because of that, we instinctively and inherently know we "have got to" do something if we want to be successful, we cannot just sit around thinking about it and hoping for success - we "must" take action!  Yet so many of us, who feel like we “should” or "need to” do something, often accomplish very little.  This can be confusing because, as people, we are very intelligent and more than capable of meeting and exceeding our goals, nevertheless, many times we find we just can't get started for some reason.  We have great ideas, but virtually no “get up and go”, which, consequently, frustrates us and increases the amount of pressure we put on ourselves, yet to no avail, . . . we still procrastinate

Procrastination, in these instances, clearly punctuates our lack of progress and failure to succeed.

If procrastination is the primary culprit arresting our growth – and we know it – why not just get up and begin to take action?  The simple answer is tied to our most primal instinct:  survival.

We could argue procrastination is the lazy reaction to something we’re not interested in doing, which is a valid perspective; however, this discussion is about something we are interested in – success.

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