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{Maybe in Bio/Full Bio -- maybe remove completely]:  If I have a slogan, at this stage of my life, it would be "Bamboo Spirit, Flower Heart."  Borrowed from a poem written by my martial arts teacher's teacher, Toshitsugu Takamatsu Sensei, in 195?.

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Through conscious intent and strategic implementation, Peace, Love, and Persistence become the primary foundations for a fulfilling life, and the essential building blocks of any Healthy Relationship.

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Text about circle, colors, symbolism as it relates to Peace 

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Text about flowers, colors, number of petals, center of flower, symbolism as it relates to Love

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Persistence:  the unapologetic and unwavering commitment to one's ideal and goal.  

Text about bamboo, where they start (united and together, compared with how they APPEAR to be separate and/or growing apart, color possibly, and why are there 3 stalks (mind, body, spirit, plus additional symbolism as it relates to Persistence


Bamboo Spirit, Flower Heart!


Healthy Relationships

Text about the combination, unification, and symbolism as it relates to all parts coming together to form the one perfect whole.

Living by the Spirit:

Bamboo Spirit, Flower Heart

[written backwards because I believe one must persevere towards survival and then they can leave a legacy of love, which - hopefully - blossoms in the heart of all whom knew a True Lover.]


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I believe in a place founded on tolerance, understanding, and unwavering persistence towards a cause.

A place where each one of us finds peace within ourselves, and allows the space for others to do the same.  A place where people share love through patience, generosity, and compassion, and recognize they were born with a purpose and, courageously, chase down that beacon of light.

We can only share what we have - and when we feel limited, our generosity, patience, and compassion are limited (become restricted to those we love the most and, in many cases, . . . begins to disappear altogether).  

When we are right in our hearts, . . . we are right with others.  [maybe make this a quote, and a blog article]

a healthier world arises from the peace we find in ourselves, which leads to the expression and sharing - of love.  Will it be easy?  Not in all cases, but it doesn't have to be hard either; we simply need a focal point, and the commitment - persistence - to carry out our intent.  I see a future where people are I want people to be present in their own lives; finding peace and I want to see love spread in such a way that wars and famine end, equality is the unifying force globally, and . . .  Say something about, "Bamboo Spirit, Flower Heart," and where it came from