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Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

I’m a Visionary and Idealist — seeing a global future with creative and healthy opportunities for ALL people to express their physical, emotional, and spiritual freedoms—unimpeded by fear.

Every day I, personally, live by the adage, ‘Bamboo Spirit, Flower Heart,’ and make it my mission to extend myself to those in need, and support those interested in helping themselves . . . and others. I sincerely hope you will do the same!

The time has come to make a change, . . . please join me!


Opportunities for Growth

Opportunities for Growth


P.J. offers three primary ways to work with him, each becoming increasingly more laser-focused on your personal transformation, and your organization's professional growth.


Presentations and Coaching Services to transform Your Life

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Presentations and intensives

P.J. has been speaking since he was 7 years old—commanding his audiences with both humor and wisdom!

His insights through living with, and beyond, his physical disability powerfully inspires action,—and reduces excuses—in ALL who hear his stories!


Talk and Intensive Titles:

  • What's Your Excuse?!
  • Love is Your Path to Greatness!
  • Transformation: the Way of the Universe


  • Corporate
  • Social Impact Events
  • Educational Institutions


Investment Range:

  • Presentations:  $3.5K – $10K
  • Intensives:  $500 – $2.5K

Online group Workshops

This is a great entry point for people who are just learning about coaching and want to explore their options.

Learn to transform old stories and limiting beliefs in pursuit of real freedom through interactive technologies designed to quickly shift your thinking!


Workshop Titles:

  • 30 Days to Freedom!
  • Transformation is the Way!

Ideal Participants:

  • Curious about what a coach can do for you?
  • Can't seem to get what you want in life, and you're unsure why.
  • Need to let go of the past?


Investment Range:

  • Small Group:  $100 – $300
  • Mo. Membership:  $30/mo

Transformational Coaching

P.J. is a great listener—always listening for the subtext below the presenting problem.  This allows him to go deep with you!

Transformation is what brings freedom and, consequently, genuine happiness.  P.J. understands this and focuses on removing the blocks to freedom!


Ideal Client:  If you are . . .

  • Ready to let go of limiting beliefs and release the resistance of old stories,
  • Want more out of life, and
  • You're naturally kind, but still can't seem to find that special someone, see your dreams come alive, or just get ahead — You're Ready!


Investment Range:

  • 1-Year:  $10.5K – $14.4K
  • 4-Month:  $3K – $4K
  • VIP Day:  $1.2K
  • 1-Month/1-Time Trial:  $500