P.J.'s Wisdom


P.J.'s Wisdom

P.J.'s Wisdom

This page offers a sampling of my work, and it's not all Peace, Love, and Persistence stuff.

I've been speaking about a range of topics since I was 7 years old, so the insights offered here are a bit more diversified than you might expect.

Hopefully, you will find something of value in the wisdom offered below.

Enjoy, and May Peace, Love, and Persistence Be the Principles You Live Your Life By!



Audio Recordings

"Motivational Monday" 2009 and 2010, National Society of Leadership and Success


Featured On:  Live Stages, Podcasts, Online TV Channels, and TeleSummits


•  Life on Fire TV  |  Ep: 131 – Quit Your Job Now and Prosper with Purpose – Hosted by Nick Unsworth

•  Ignite Your Movement 2015 – Sharing Personal Story of Entrepreneurship

•  Warrior Protocol | The Crucible – Healthy Relationships for Today's Husband-Warrior

•  Fun Loving Couples  |  Live Event 1 – Communicating for Intimacy!

•  Fun Loving Couples  |  Online Interviews – What It Takes to Have a Healthy Relationships – Hosted by Linda and Charles Musselwhite

•  RunBuzz  |  Ep: RB31 – Perseverance vs. Persistence: The Art of Never Giving Up! – Hosted by Steve Carmichael

•  To Dos Before I Do  |  Ep: 029 – Strengthening Your Relationship with Your Fiance – Hosted by Shaina Avila-Franco

•  Boss Free Society  |  BFS 009 – How to Find Love in 12 Months – Hosted by Patty Dominguez and Tim Wambauch

•  The Exponential You  |  Ep: 035 – Becoming the Best You for Soulmate Attraction – Hosted by Nida Kazmi

•  The Ultimate Love Summit – Learning to Love – Hosted by Dallas Michael Cyr

•  Entrepreneur on Fire  |  Ep: 995 – How to Listen with Your Heart and Serve with Purpose – Hosted by John Lee Dumas

•  How to Attract and Marry Your Man Summit – Inspiring Lasting Love – Hosted by Cyndi Olin

•  The No Regrets Podcast  |  Ep: 025 – Ambassador of Love – Hosted by Randy Raphael

•  The Mindfulness Mode  |  Ep: 003 – Inspiration and Wisdom to Make Your Day Amazing – Hosted by Bruce Langford

•  The Solopreneur Hour  |  Ep: 313 – Martial Artist, Skydiver, Love Guru from a Wheelchair – Hosted by Michael O'Neal

•  Mastermind Your Launch  |  Ep: 10 – Fulfilling His Purpose and Helping Women Find Love – Hosted by Stefanie Sheehan

•  Limitless  |  Ep: 143 – How to Give Limitless Love – Hosted by Alex Theis

•  Passion Warrior TV  |  Ep: 3 – Ask Better Questions – Hosted by Dallas Michael Cyr

•  The GameChanger Podcast  |  Ep: 31 – Exchange Fear for Love – Hosted by Michelle Dutro



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Written Materials


Learning to Love


We are ALL on the path towards Love; whether that's self-love, romantic love, or secular love — we are searching to deepen our connections.

This blog is an honest account of my efforts to deepen my understanding and experience of love, define what love is, and teach others how to attain, maintain, and share it.

Please dig in and let the enlightenment begin.  [wink]


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Original Quotes


When I experience a flash of wisdom or insight, I record my understanding, meditate on it, then attempt to share it with anyone and everyone whom it might be relevant for or, otherwise, benefit.

These are a collection of my epiphanies and original quotes.

May They Be of Benefit to You!


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Q & A


Ask Questions, Get Answers
if I can

These questions offer an opportunity to explore new perspectives on subjects you might have been wrestling with.  

As noted above, these are an exploration into new ways to look at, or understand, difficult and confusing situations.

Topics will vary, as this section grows; however, the majority of questions surround relationships, communication, and parenting right now.


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Cover of Quest Magazine

Cover of Quest Magazine

Quest Magazine Cover


Defend Yourself was an article written for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's nationally syndicated, quarterly magazine in 1999.

The article is no longer stored in their online archives, so scanned images of the story are provided here for those interested in reading it.


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First Co-Authored Book

First Co-Authored Book

You Can Make It To The Top


In 2010, I co-authored a book on success strategies with 19 other motivational speakers.

The following is an excerpt from my chapter called, The "Get to" vs. "Got to" Principle.


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