Quitting should never be an option, especially if you’re a parent, child, cousin, sibling, or friend—because when you quit, you both consciously and unconsciously give others the authority, or right, to do the same.

Like it or not, our individual persistence, or unwillingness to quit—despite ongoing struggles and adversity—empowers everyone within our midst and, consequently, . . . enriches our lives too.

Whereas perseverance and persistence have virtually the same meaning in the dictionary, there remains a clear distinction—and that distinction is one, primarily, of action.

Persevering is the power and value of enduring, while persistence . . . is the expression of power as one drives and strives towards a mission, intent, or goal.

Learn how to find and enact these powers for the benefit of one’s self and all others you come in contact with; individual, familial, philial, and global happiness depend on the unstoppable force within you!

Time to Put on that Super Hero Cape!


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