Aaaaahhhhhh, the rich, juicy, deliciousness of this word, Love, and ALL the possible images it conjures:

  • the undeniable impact it has on our breathing and heart rates,
  • the understanding and acceptance of the world we take in,
  • the unparalleled generosity it bestows, and
  • the often overwhelming emotions it influences.

I would say Love is—divine inspiration at its finest.

Why wouldn’t everyone want this for themselves, their families and friends, even complete strangers?

Learn how Love can be discovered, defined, and shared.

What is it, really?  Why does it—scientifically and spiritually—exist?  What are some ways of acquiring, maintaining, and re-acquiring it; and how does it influence all of us, . . . and everyone around us? 

Love is important; let’s learn to use it as it’s intended.

Love Holds the Power to Heal the World!


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