Love is the fullness of one’s heart, spilling forth into other hearts.

Welcome to my Learning to Love Bonus Videos' page.  

My entire life I've been motivated by loving-kindness; it's just in my nature.  And when I experienced a spiritual epiphany while in prayer and meditation one evening in 1997, and was nearly crushed by an SUV 6-months later, I realized I needed to change my motivational speaking topics to something that aligned more consistently with my heart – Love!

These videos are very pragmatic, making them practical and accessible to the masses versus targeting people who are a bit more spiritually-inclined.  I believe love is a non-physical, spiritual energy that everyone can experience, and DOES experience, in various capacities and depths.

It is my hope that these short clips will allow you to begin to shift your perspective on life, others, and yourself.

If you like what you hear and want to talk more, please click the Apply Now button, and fill out the application for a 30-minute, completely complimentary, one-on-one Discovering True Love Conversation call with me!

Looking forward to a personalized, one-on-one conversation with you!  Until then, enjoy the videos, open your heart, appreciate your surroundings, and express gratitude at every possible moment – even the difficult ones.

Still wondering if you should apply?  Please let me help you.  You should apply for a personalized, one-on-one Discovering True Love Conversation with me, if:

  • You struggle with liking yourself,
  • You experience self-doubt and excessive, internal self-abuse,
  • You feel like you're just not good enough (especially if you just put the word "ever" on the end of that statement),
  • You want to learn to love yourself,
  • You want to learn to love your life, and/or
  • You want to learn to love others more consistently and deeper.