Give it to me straight; what's the 411?

How do I book you?

Great Question!  Email:; Call:  520.290.6382; or Click Here and simply complete the Request Form.

What do you charge?

Money seems, so often, to be a deciding factor for people in their lives; however, I'm hoping you will not look at anything as an expense, but rather as an investment.  

Fee breakdowns are based on 4 factors:  location, number of guests in attendance, length of presentation, and ???.  I think I should create an easy to understand graph, listing:

Location:  within Tucson proper (SunVan), County (Handicar), Drive within 2-hours, Drive 2+ hours, Flight under 2-hours, flight more than 2 hours and still continental US, Flight non-continental US, International (Canada and MX), International Flight (everywhere else)


*NOTE - Individual attending/self-selecting will be different fee scale.

Get to the point, and be Unapologetic about it.

What do we need to prepare for your arrival?

Great question!; thank you for asking!  I can answer in a couple of different ways . . .



What is a Success Strategist? 

2.      What are your fees?

3.      Are you a counselor?

4.      Aren't you just a motivational speaker?

5.      What do you do and/or talk about?

6.      Many of your presentation descriptions say "interactive"; do we need to provide anything?

7.      Can we make special requests and/or will you personalize your presentation(s) to our organization?

8.      Why should we book with you over any other speakers?

9.      How do we hire you?

10.   What if we have to cancel or change dates?

11.   How and when do you get paid?

12.   What's this "guarantee" you have?

13.   Do we have to sign a contract?

14.   Will your invoice be general, or do we have the option to have a breakdown of expenses?

15.   Being disabled, what kind of special needs, requirements, and/or assistance will you need?

16.   Do you travel alone or with a Personal Care Assistant?

17.   What type of transportation and accommodations will you need?

18.   What room arrangements and/or requirements do you have for the speaking engagement?

19.    Will you need a table to sell any products?

20.   Will you do the extras?{C}