they slipped briskly into an intimacy
from which they never recovered
— f. scott fitzgerald

Fun Loving Couples 1 was a HUGE SUCCESS with Laughter, Love, and Romance Rekindled!

Good Food, Good Wine, and a Good Stretch made for a delicious experience.

And, more importantly:

  • Intimate Connections were Reignited,
  • Deep Conversations were had,
  • Introspection and Reconnection were deeper parts of everyone's experience, AND

Most Importantly, . . .

  • New, and Lifelong, Friendships were Established!

Let's be honest – we're ALL feeling it – FLC is a tribe!  A TRIBE of Genuinely Fun Loving Couples!!!

Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means, . . . Love is in the Air!

MmmmMmmmMmmmMmmmMmmm, and if you're like me . . .

– You LOVE Love –

Which means you're going to want to hear what I've prepared for you!

I'm very excited to extend this Holiday Looove Offer to each and every Fun Loving Couple!!!

Communicating for Intimacy

because intimacy is the only real form of communication

Holiday Weekend  Offer

Fall in Love, All Over Again!

love is the willing exchange of one’s self
for oneness!
— P.J., love guru